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Rosalee De la Forêt

Wow Patrick! That was truly amazing. That is so wonderful you were able to help this dog in such a dramatic way. Thank you for documenting this so well. As they say, a picture says a thousand words.


Just saw this on my FB through LearningHerbs. :) It is an amazing case study and made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you!

Juliette Martin

Wow, cool!! Thanks for the pics and the nice clear article on how-to.


Thank you for sharing this amazing story of regeneration for this very lucky pup. You are a great healer!

Heather Taylor

wow! Such a great happy ending!


Thank you for saving his leg and his life and for opting to use herbs to do so. You are a blessing to Max and will be to so many other fortunate pets. :)


You did an amazing job. Now we just need to make it illegal to have dogs loose in the back of trucks.

Robin Baire/Horse of a different color

very nice , i love the thick poultices. Great pictures.I dealt with a very deep wound on my dog after he was attacked by a pitbull. the dog had ahold of him on his lower back. It didn't get to bone but thru some muscle..initially i flushed the wound with goldenseal, echinacea and a few drops of lavender tincture.I also gave orally Dr christopher's "bone flesh and cartilage" formula. I needed to shave the wound area because he was a sheep dog! It was about a 6'x6" wound after that he did chew off his bandage and chew away all the dead skin between 4deep puncture wounds, down to muscle layer...this was perfect! I then applied a thick layer of aloe gel and covered the wound and continued oral herbal antibiotic herbal tinctures, and BF+C formula, I washed the wound with chamomile , calendula and lavender, kept it wrapped for about 2 weeks. as initial skin layers came back I started applying my comfrey plus 12 salve,( the 12 are basically BF+C) after 4-5 weeks his wound was healed and he ended up with a quarter size scar. the aloe really helped get things off to a good start.

Lili Abedi

This is amazing! thanks Doc.


PJ, do you have a picture of the Teasel?

murielle muwgli nuphar

thanks for the info!!! We need that kind of info with our dogs who get hit by cars and who are left for dead...

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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