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What part of these plants do u use?
Must these be freshly picked herbs?
Which variety of echinesia would be best?
Thank u very much! I look forward to ur reply because we r surrounded with black widows and hobo spiders in and around our house.

Patrick Jones, DVM

Hi Kim,

The root is the most potent but the flowers are also good. In the case of Black-eyed Susan, the flower is nearly as strong as the root so no sense digging them up. :)

Fresh, dried or tinctured is all fine. It doesn't matter much how the herbs get into you so long as they get in.

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Soderlund Palermo

How I wish that this plant can be found in our place.I am truly contented on its explanation regarding its effectiveness.


Very interesting! I'm curious to know what active chemical it is in Echinacea that stimulates hyaluronic acid production.


Thankyou Dr Jones. Your info was very helpful. I am treating a heart issue in my lab . She was going downhill quickly. I started her on Chlorophyll for her respitory, gagging and stomach, then dandelion for drawing out excess fluids. Now I will follow up with echinacea papya and pro/pre-biotics.

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