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great! thoughtful! wow..love the common sense of both..as a retired RN I second all that he said..only one thing missing. Yard full of comfrey. No recipe for poultice.!!!


Wonderful story. I love stories like that!

Reading the comment of "gracefoster" listed here. I am also interested in additional uses for comfrey--poultices, etc. (FYI: We juice comfrey leaves in a Champion Juicer--wad them up into the juicer tunnel and help them down onto the blades with long carrots. Also, adding apple really improved the taste).
Thank you,

Patrick Jones

The Poultice was the same used in the Miracle Max case (there's a link in the article). However, Susan said it was pretty stingy the first few days so we cut it 50% with comfrey.



Wow, great story. The power of herbs in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing never ceases to amaze me.

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