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Shelli Johnson-McCombs

Fantastic- do you think this would be eligible for CEU's for nurses?? etc.

Patrick Jones, DVM

The course would not qualify for CE credits at this time. Maybe I'll pursue that in the future. I'd have to communicate with the certifying organization.

Julie Johnson

Could I pay as I went along or would I have to pay up front?

Tammy Aho

This sounds fantastic! - I have seriously been looking for a science based philosophy and from someone who is actually practicing! THANKS PATRICK! I'm in - and would also really like to be able to use these for CE credits towards maintaining my health CHES! If that were possible - hint hint hint - perhaps more on anatomy/physiology side of the house - or that on learning how to actually build a practice.

How long is an average lesson instruction time and adequate feedback time?

Glad you are doing it Patrick - we really needed something - the closest I've found that I would want to invest the time an energy was Christopher Moore st SW Botanical School - but alas he is dead. he did however (just so you know) leave much of his material on line for the public to access!)

So when does class start? :)))

Tammy Aho

I know you may be covering this - but just in case :) - could do one lesson on antibiotics be added to the curriculum - as in what to do if the pharmacy is not working - what are our resources for various infections using plants medicines-
internal/external. I had a situation with cellulitis awhile back requiring intravenous iv antibiotics - could not help wonder what happen if I was on my own. Is there anything in the herbal world to compare with some of the modern antibiotics?


Patrick Jones, DVM


All the materials will be available on a one-by-one basis as well.
Doing the package deal saves a lot of money.

Patrick Jones, DVM

Hi Tammy,

We will cover infections in the following three courses:

- Bacterial infections: Pathophysiology of disease and herbal intervention.

- Fungal Infections: Pathophysiology of disease and herbal intervention.

- Viral Infections: Pathophysiology of disease and herbal intervention.

We will also be talking about how to build a practice as a clinical herbalist. :)

Patrick Jones, DVM

If you nurses would like the course to count as C.E. credit, let me know who to contact and I'll see what I can do. I suspect that they may not consider a veterinarian appropriate to provide C.E. for doctors and nurses working on humans but I'm happy to ask.

Maybe if I explained that sometimes humans get "sick as a dog". :)


Shelli Johnson-McCombs


Here is the link for paperwork needed to become a CEU provider( with 100$ ) and it is just a request hmmm...Looks like a bit of a pain...We would not want to keep it simple or anything..LOL
This is from Nevada, so I am thinking each
state would have their own approval process.
I don't know of any other method. I think we can call and ask if they would approve it and it can be done by exception, anyway I had it done this way years ago, but much has changed since then. I am sure Dr. Jones is more than appropriate for Providing CEU's


Is this course available to oversea students? Is there a way of getting around the course without travelling to the U.S. for the hands-on classes?

Patrick Jones, DVM

Hi Fay,

I see no reason that you couldn't complete the course from Australia. I have several students that are distant enough that travel to the workshops isn't realistic. I will be recording the events and providing those recordings to all the students as part of the program. The only concern I'd have for your situation would be whether the plants we discuss would be available to you in Australia. We have a lot of species commonality with Europe but I know little of the botany Down Under.

We'd be happy to have you along if you think it would be of value to you. :)

Holler if you have more questions.

Doc Jones

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